Director of External Affairs: PR

According to Mr. Diamond there are three different types of people to deal with in PR work. There is the public, policy, and opinion people. public deals with people such as family members, Policy deals with people like people who donate grants, and the opinion people are people who work in the media.

He says his job is basically built on relationships to other people. He has to work with all sorts of people, trying to fix any complaints they have at the University of Maine. He says you always have to be accountable for what you say and to “always tell the truth and hope you get caught in it.”

His guest appearance in our class was helpful and entertaining. His job does sound interesting, but not what I am interested in doing.


Cindy and Tony Guest Speakers

These two guest speakers love people. They love meeting new people, finding new stories, and they enjoy informing people about things. They really made the field of journalism seem interesting again. They talked about going into work everyday and not having the same boring office work, instead it changes every day. They did have a few warnings about low pay and endless hours, but they really made it seem worth it.

They suggested to start with an internship, to get real world experience. Then make a catchy resume tape, and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. They finished by telling us to not be afraid to think outside of the box and meet new people everyday.

There presentation was inspiring. It really got me more excited about the profession again. I learned that I cannot be afraid to get out there and I have to learn how to think outside the box about my stories

Broadcast story ideas: Nov 7

Ideas for next weeks Broadcast:

1. Seasonal affective disorder

2. Holiday shopping

3. Page Farm and Home Museum

Nathan Stormer

“You are just one piece in a larger story.” Say’s Nathan Stormer a guest lecturer in CMJ 236. Nathan Stormer is a professor here at the University of Maine. He teaches CMJ courses here and works for the Bangor Daily News. During his lecture he covered everything from objective writing to using a thesaurus. His lecture was very helpful and motivating. He really showed how to write informational stories and gave us helpful suggestions on how to write our own pieces. I am really interested in taking one of his classes next semester, I only hope that I can get in.

Broadcast Story

Study the page farm and home musuem or do the current university of maine museum of art exhibit.

My News Beat

I would like to cover arts/culture for my news beat. I am interested in the arts such as dance, theatre, photography and other art displays. This would be an interesting beat for me to cover for the rest of the semester.

Web article

Bill Kuykendall, University of Maine














Bill Kuykendall is a senior lecturer at the University of Maine. He works with the New Media department and the communication and Journalism department. Bill also works with the Penobscot Theatre Company, the Salt institute in Portland, and The Main Folklike Center. Bill is a very busy man. He states that, “As I gets older I feels like I have more energy.”

Photo by Bill KuykenDall, Penobscot Theatre Company


Bill does photography work for the Penobscot Theatre Company. You can find a lot of his work online at http://www.penobscottheatre.org/. Photography has always been an interest to Bill ever since he was a little kid. Now he has turned that passion into a career and has followed it into journalism and documentary work.


The most recent documentary work Bill did was with the Main Folklike Center. “Documentary work is my life’s work” Bill states. He worked on a documentary of the Eastern Fine Paper Company Mill in Brewer before it was closed down. “We did most of the work in the winter, sometimes it got to be below zero.” Though the conditions were not always perfect Bill loves documentary work and got the job done.


Bill is also on the Board of trustees, the Academic council, and the Executive Committee at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland Maine.


Bill works with the Maine Seacoast Mission as well. He travels to different islands in the Gulf of Maine, doing different workshops on photography and documentary work.


As you can see Bill is a very well rounded man. He keeps himself very busy these days, but also saves time for family. He says you have to be well rounded to make it in the journalism world these days.


Bill will be leaving next semester to teach in his home state of West Virginia, at West Virginia University. He plans to return the following semester.