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Free writing: busy

Managing my time has become a very complex task. I find new events and homework coming at me all the time. I need to make money to keep my car and my apartment. So I had to find a job. I find myself struggling now to get the hours I need at my job. I worked util 1am last night and went to bed at 3 am. I have so much homework to fit in between work and class. I want to join the paper and the TV station, but unless it is helping me make money for rent, I can’t afford to fit it in right now. On top of all the homework and readings and writing, we now have events to attend for class credit. So I have to take time off work to fit in all of these little extras teachers insist on throwing into their curiculu. Trust me if I was a millionare and or my parents helped me pay for things. I would love to attend all these extra events, and spend all my time focus on just school. But that is not the case. I have a lot going for me now and a lot I need to learn. I wish I could attend all your events and do all your extra reading. I wish I didn’t need sleep and that I didn’t need money. I wish that every time I turn the sink on I wouldnt think about home much money is running down the drain.


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Free Write:

Parking on campus is one of the most rediculous problems we have. Yesterday I had the bright idea of trying to find a spot closer to my next class between classes at 11 am. Never try this. It was an insane game of musical parking spots. I saw almost 10 car accidents, and lost every spot i came close to. I began to get stressed out as everything said full and I didnt know where there alternative parking areas were. The clock kept ticking away I was 3 mins late then 5 mins as I circled the next parking lot. 10 mins late as I ventured through the mob of pedestrians to the other side of campus in hopes to find anything worth parking in. At last I found an almost empty parking area near the tennis courts (no where near my class). I swerved my car into the first spot I could find and dashed of to class 15 mins late. When I returned from class, my car had a wonderful sopping wet ticket for $25 on it.

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One random act of kindness… This morning as I arrived on campus the parking lot was full as usual. My roomate had called me earlier to warm me of this problem and suggested I hed out early for class. I laughed because the idea of me actually being early for something is silly. So as pulled into the parking lot I began the usual slow and steady search for a spot close to the building where my class was help. This slow search usually get fustrating really fast and I end up heading for a spot thats far away, but always there. I turned slowly down the first row of cars inspecting each spot looking for a vacency. I spotted a guy walking in my direction and kind of eyed him down to see if he was headed towards a car. I thought maybe he was leaving and just my luck I would get a spot in the first row I went down. He notice what I was doing and pointed to his truck. I nodded backed up to his truck and watched him pull out of a perfect parking spot setting me up for a perfect day.

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