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Free writing: busy

Managing my time has become a very complex task. I find new events and homework coming at me all the time. I need to make money to keep my car and my apartment. So I had to find a job. I find myself struggling now to get the hours I need at my job. I worked util 1am last night and went to bed at 3 am. I have so much homework to fit in between work and class. I want to join the paper and the TV station, but unless it is helping me make money for rent, I can’t afford to fit it in right now. On top of all the homework and readings and writing, we now have events to attend for class credit. So I have to take time off work to fit in all of these little extras teachers insist on throwing into their curiculu. Trust me if I was a millionare and or my parents helped me pay for things. I would love to attend all these extra events, and spend all my time focus on just school. But that is not the case. I have a lot going for me now and a lot I need to learn. I wish I could attend all your events and do all your extra reading. I wish I didn’t need sleep and that I didn’t need money. I wish that every time I turn the sink on I wouldnt think about home much money is running down the drain.


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about me



            Finding my profession, in journalism, has been anything but a short easy trip. I started my freshmen year in college at Lesley college in Cambridge MA. I was a secondary education major, with a focus in English. I had a teacher’s assistant’s position at Quincy high school. Well that changed my mind about teaching and sent me back home to Maine. I enrolled in the University of Maine; and my major was still education at the time. I moved from that to New Media where I lost all sense of what my major really was. I spent the summer flip-flopping back and forth between business and journalism. At the end of the summer it finally came down to the fact that I didn’t know what I wanted, and it was not worth wasting all that money to sit through classes I was not sure of. So I ended up taking a year off, and almost fell into hair dressing school. I realized that I needed to make a difference, not just make people look good. So I am back at The University of Maine. I finally decided to stick to journalism and work my way to graduation day.

            I have found that this major, though a little intimidating at first, has everything I have ever wanted to do. I love to write. I love to write about people, about events, about life. I love photography. I love taking pictures of people, places, and abstract. I love to travel. I want to go everywhere and see everything. And I want to make a difference. I know it sounds corny but I truly want to make some sort of difference in this world. I want to tell peoples stories and help them get their stories out there. I am ready to jump into this major and learn more about it. I want to learn how to not just write but write well and get my point across to a mass group of people.   

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Writing in my profession is extremely important. It is everything in my profession. Without writing there is no journalism. The stories you write are everything you have. You can make a name for yourself from the very words you put down. All it takes is one big break and you could make a real difference. It takes a lot of hard work to get to that point, but you have to know how to write well to get there.

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About me and my Major

My name is Katrina Proctor, my major is journalism. I chose this major so i can have a chance to travel the world, work with people, take pictures, and make a difference. I am taking CMJ 236 to learn how to write informative articles for a large adience.

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