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Free Write: Ike

Hurricane Ike was meticulously cover by every station. They had reporters in the field, interviewing officials, and running around telling people to get out or die. One report that stands out in particular, is one Hiraldo Rivera did. He was there before the hurricane officially hit. He was standing on a pier near the water, reporting on the quickly changing weather and the growing level of water. He is standing there soaking wet showing the water level, when he tells the camera man to pan down the pier. He starts talking about how no one should be down there and everyone has been forced to evacuate. As the camera man pans down the pieryou can see a large women running after something in the knee high water, while she tells her kid to stay on shore. Hiraldo comments on these people saying that they are foolish and ignorant for being down there in a time of disaster like this. I just have to say look in the mirror buddy!


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