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When a group of people decide that they do not agree with the political views they are being governed by, they should seperate from that group. And with decent respect they should decide why the seperated.

It is a fact that all men and women are created equal. We all know that God has given us undeniable rights/ We have the right to live, have our liberties, and persue our happiness. To have these rights we have to have our own Government in place. This Government must get its power from from its people. When or if the goverrnment gets distructive, the people can change it or get rid of it and start over. The People will organize the government so they feel safe and happy. A long established government should not be over thrown for a small reason. If the government causes too much abuse, the people should change it, and create new guards to protect themsleves. Thats why we are creating this new government. We left the King of Great Britians Tyrant ruling to stop sufferring. So we are changing things for the better.


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Since feeling is the first feeling that pays attention to the syntax of things, I will never completly kiss you. Because it will only make me a fool during the spring season.

My blood approves, and kisses are a far better fate than wisdon. Lady, I swear by all flowers. Don’t cry. The best gesture of my brain, is less than your eyelids’ fluttering, which says; We are for each other.

Than laugh, leaning back into my arms. Because life’s not a paragraph. And death, i think, is no parenthasis.

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